agents faq


Do you have formal terms of business?

Yes, thank you for asking.  Please refer to our terms of business.  The commissioning of Kestrel services is deemed an agreement to these terms, so it’s always best to read the fine print.

What information is required to make booking?


We require a formal request by email that includes:


  • the booking date
  • the type of job requested (e.g. inventory, check-out, etc.)
  • property address with full postcode
  • tenants contact details (including mobile)
  • contact details of negotiator or landlord (including mobile)
  • collection point for keys and paperwork.

Standard booking forms are available upon request. 


How much notice is required to make a booking?


Advanced bookings are always preferred, but we pride ourselves on the ability to fit in last minute requests as much as possible.


Can a check-in be scheduled directly after a check-out?


Not a problem.  Though there is no time to sort out dilapidations or cleanliness issues, we understand that a quick turnover is sometimes desired or requested.  Appointments should be scheduled 1 hour apart, so that we can provide the highest level of service to both sets of tenants. 


Will you wait for tardy tenants?


London does not always accommodate our time scales.  We are happy to wait 15 minutes, but we reserve the right to conduct our inspection without their presence.  In the unfortunate event that access to the property is unavailable in a tenant’s absence, a cancellation charge of £30 will be charged to the agent and deducted from the tenant’s deposit.


Do you charge a cancellation fee?


In the interest of flexibility, we understand it is necessary to sometimes make last minute changes.  In the instance when a clerk arrives at a booking that has been cancelled without warning, a £30 cancellation fee will be invoiced to the instructing party.  This is intended to cover transportation costs and loss of alternative bookings.


Can a check-out be conducted without a master inventory?


If an inventory has not been created or cannot be found, we are happy to conduct a schedule of conditions.  These are charged at standard check-out rates.


Can a check-in be conducted without a master inventory?


If an inventory has not been created or cannot be found, we always recommend that a one be created. 


How often will a new inventory be required?


All inventories created by Kestrel receive free updates with each new tenancy.  This saves the landlord hundreds of pounds over the life of a rental, and eliminates the confusing alternative of cross referencing inventories with check-in reports.


On the other hand, an inventory provided by another company can generally be used for 2 tenancies.  That life is shortened when large amounts of writing are required for reference or if there have been significant changes such as redecoration or furniture removals/additions.


Do your check-out reports apportion responsibility?


If the master inventory being referenced is impartial, accurate and up-to-date, we employ a colour coding system whereby issues and their causes can be easily identified within the body of the report.  This aspect of our service is not always required by agents.


Apportioning of responsibility is not possible when no master inventory is available to make a comparison of items held within.


When apportioning responsibility, do you recommend charges?


Appropriate recompense is better decided by managing agents and landlords who hold receipts and can fairly determine costs.


Do you report on cleanliness?


We always recommend that a flat be professionally cleaned at the start of each tenancy.  This assures an objective standard by which to compare the state of cleanliness.  This is the standard by which we assess every property and comments are always included in detail to that effect.


Do you take meter readings?


We identify the location, serial number and current reading of gas and electric meters when accessible.  Water readings are available by request and only when readily accessible.


Do you provide photographs?


Digital photographs are provided on all reports at no additional charge.  We should emphasise that digital images are only used as supporting evidence in the unlikely event of a dispute.  The primary evidence is presented by the independent inventory clerk’s written report.


Do you test appliances for power?


We are not qualified to assess the condition or quality of appliances and electrical sources.  We will however test that appliances and lighting are receiving power.


Do you take tenants forwarding address and contact details?


When outgoing tenants are present, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses are requested and made available on all check-out reports.


Do you work from inventories provided by other companies?


If the master inventory being provided is impartial, accurate and up-to-date we are happy to work with other reports provided by professional inventory clerks.  We reserve the right to decline working with inventories made by landlords. 


How are Kestrel reports delivered?


A PDF version of our reports will be emailed to the instructing party.  Our fee includes up to two hardcopies – available upon request.


What accreditations do you have?


We are members of the AIIC (Association of Independent Inventory Clerks). 


How long have you been in business?


Nearly 6 years. We’ve inspected hundreds of properties ranging from unfurnished

ex-council flats in London Bridge to fully furnished luxury houses in Mayfair.


Do you carry out mid-tenancy inspections?


Yes.  These are charged at a flat rate of £30.